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PDO extra virgin olive oil produced in the Sabina territory

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The Good Olive Oil, just like it used to be...

I have been very lucky because I was cuddled and loved by Nonna Lavinia, whom everybody in her town called her Lavì. Thanks to her, I fell in love with the delicacies of her land and the best Olive oil I have ever tasted. Now, Grandma Lavì guides my heart and I have embraced the challenge of bringing one of the most representative products of our country on the tables of families around the world, the Sabina PDO extra virgin olive oil.
Cheers and Bon Appétit. Hurrah for Nonna Lavì!

Francesco Argirò

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Nonna Lavì was a wise woman. She lived in a picturesque town in the Corese land, located in the heart of the Sabina territory. This land, rich in flavors and traditions, gave origin to Nonna Lavì’s extra virgin olive oil. Nonna Lavì makes you discover the real traditional genuine taste of oil, just like the one that was prepared in the old days and the pleasure of enjoying its savor together with your family and friends. It is excellent even on a simple slice of bread.

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The Characteristics of our Oil

Nonna Lavì’s oil is primarily obtained from the following variety of olives: Carboncella, Leccino, Raja, Pendolino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Olivastrone, Salviana, Olivago and Rosciola.

Nonna Lavì’s oil has a yellow-green color with golden hues, a scented flavor and medium to intense fruity aroma. It is velvety on the palate, uniform, with medium pungency and light bitterness. The acidity level is very low and does not exceed 0.6 %. <
It is very versatile and rich in antioxidants. It has a very high smoke point and is ideal as a condiment for toasted bread, salads, raw dishes, marinated fish or meat, roasts and game.

The Sabina Territory

From Rome to the Sabini Mountains, the Sabina territory extends from the east shore of the Tiber river up to the boundary between the Lazio and Abruzzo regions. A land rich in centuries-old olive groves, green valleys and mountains, oak and beech woods. Since the Paleolithic period, it has been inhabited by ancient and noble populations. The medieval villages, castles and monasteries give this land the sensation that time goes by at a slower pace... all is merged and in harmony with nature.
These hills and mountains, where the climate is mild and the ground is fertile, gave origin to one of the most precious oils in Italy, the PDO Sabina extra virgin olive oil, one of the “Made in Italy” excellences.

Immerge yourself into the genuine and authentic flavors of our land!

Terra Sabina
olio sabina dop

Prodotti Nonna Lavì

PDO Sabina extra virgin olive oil: formats available

  • bottles da 0,10, 0,25 e 0,50 liters
  • Tins 3 e 5 liters
Other Products
  • Cacao, Nocciola, Piscacchio cream: 150 e 250 gr
  • Olive Spread and Olive Spread with chili pepper: 180 gr
  • Dried Tomatoes in oil: 220 gr

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